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Squatter, caught on camera for the first time, comes "home"

(WMC-TV) – Apparently, she's an Action News 5 viewer.

Abka Re Bey, given name Tabitha Gentry, returned "home" this afternoon to a $3 million Shady Grove mansion in which she's been squatting for the past several days.

The property is for sale, a bank-owned foreclosure that's supposed to be empty.

But she moved in unannounced, took over, and even put a heavy duty chain and padlock on the front gate.

"It's a legal matter ma'am. I'm not going to speak about that," said Re Bey.

The self-proclaimed Moor American National claims the bank cannot own property and that her indigenous ancestry grants her the deed.

So why this place?

"Why not? It's a beautiful house," said Re Bey.

MPD says it is investigating this case.  The DA's office says it's waiting on a case file before taking any action.  Real estate professionals say it may become a civil matter, despite it's seemingly criminal nature.

"If individuals are allowed to benefit from this type of conduct, I think you'll see more of this type of copycat conduct," stated real estate attorney Joseph Kirkland.

She says she loves her "new house", and that she's got her whole family with her.

"A lot. It's a lot of us. We have a big family," Re Bey said.

Squatting in what she now calls home sweet home.

Action News 5 will continue to track any changes on the status of the squatters.

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