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Several East Texans prepare for larger-than-normal time change

Daylight Saving Time is in store for all of us this weekend, but for some East Texans, it's going to be a big leap forward.

KLTV 7's Joe Terrell and Jamey Boyum are packing up will join about 100 Tyler Junior College students headed for Japan on Friday.

The TJC band and world-famous Apache Belles will be performing for troops at two U.S. military bases near Tokyo. They will also be entertaining folks in Tyler's sister city, Yachiyo City.

You can follow every step of the way on this goodwill mission from East Texas, bringing you reports most nights and mornings on KLTV 7.

Before they got their boarding passes, they had to through a little training to prepare them to head to the Far East.

One of the many formalities of Japanese culture is the bow. Done properly, as taught to TJC students in a culture class, it's hands at your side for men, and crossed in front for women.

The lower you bow, the more subservient you are indicative of your status in society.

Thursday morning, TJC Apache Belles were running through their routines one last time before the 13 hour flight to Tokyo.

The flight to Japan takes off mid-day Friday and lands around 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Skyelar Whiddon, head dance captain of the Apache Belles, is looking forward to three performances.

"I am really excited to be performing at the military bases because my grandfather was over there in Japan when he was younger," said Whiddon.

Delegates from Yachiyo City visited Tyler last fall. Tyler city leaders have visited there as well. The 'Sister Cities' program links cities around the globe to make the world a smaller, friendlier place.

Many of these students have never been on a commercial jet, let alone to another country. But TJC believes their periodic offerings of world travel makes for a better education, even at the junior college level.

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