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Elderly man crashes into bank drive-thru

Tyler Police responded to the scene of an injury accident on SE Loop 323 east of Paluxy Drive. According to authorities a vehicle hit the Citizens 1st Bank building

Tyler police say a man was driving the back way out of Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store when he accidentally accelerated and ran into the drive-thru.

The 87-year-old driver was coherent when authorities arrived, however he was pinned in his vehicle. Emergency crews extracted the man, who was then transported to East Texas Medical Center.

James Huntsberger was working at Texas Road House when he saw the black SUV speed by.

"We were in front of the gates and dumpster's, trying to bring stuff out and this guy just comes flying down the hill," Huntsberger said.

"In a span of two seconds he was already down the hill on the other side of the parking lot then he bottomed out and was going fast enough that he caught air and ran right into the bank," Huntsberger said.

Huntsberger and the other employees took off after the SUV.

"I pretty much knew he was going to have a wreck or hit something. So I just took off after him and right about the time I got to the bottom of the hill he had hit the bank. I had the phone out calling 9-1-1. Just doing what I can," Huntsberger said.

Jim Wood with Citizens 1st was there when the SUV hit.

"It shook the ceiling. It was such a large impact that we couldn't  see which direction it was coming from," Wood said.

The 87 year old driver was taken to the hospital but first responders say he was coherent.
The damage to the bank is mainly the bricks of one pole in the drive thru and a couple of bricks in the building.

"It was pretty unlucky what happened from start to finish, but we were just happy none of our employees or customers were injured," 

At this time Tyler police don't know what caused the car or driver to accelerate and cause the crash.

There is no condition available for the man at this time.

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