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Knock It Off Weight Challenge in 4th week

Kate Archer Kent leads the team in yoga practice Kate Archer Kent leads the team in yoga practice
The Knock It Off Team spent Tuesday doing yoga The Knock It Off Team spent Tuesday doing yoga
Which is better:  bread or candy bar? Which is better: bread or candy bar?
Week 4 weigh-in Week 4 weigh-in

It's been four weeks since KSLA News 12 the Knock It Off weight loss challenge. Twelve of our viewers signed on to ditch the excuses and get in shape.  We've been working with LSU Health Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Dennis Wissing on a plan that will lead to a healthy lifestyle of eating.

Week four started with a yoga session with Kate Archer Kent.  Kent says, yoga, improves our balance, it improves our flexibility, and it also improves our endurance because you are required to hold poses in place. 

Healthy eating and working out has paid off for the group.  For four weeks they have cut 200 calories from their diet per day.  They continue to log their foods and exercise using the My Fitness Pal app.  For three weeks, Stacey Price was at a constant 188 pounds.  She finally broke that plateau.

Constance Chipman is battling a stubborn plateau as well.  Constance lost one pound the first week and has been holding at 191 since then.  Public Health student, Lori Panu says maintaining is good and to continue with the healthy eating and she will break through that plateau. 

Tyrone Davis has lost weight every week on the challenge.  He was stunned when he weighed in for the first time at 320 pounds.  Now he is down to 306 pounds.  Megen Risinger started at 154 pounds.  She is now at 148 after gaining one pound this during week 4.  Megen is okay with that because she's finally under 150 pounds.  She says she hasn't been under 150 pounds in three years. 

Megen told KSLA News 12 Anchor, Domonqiue Benn that the challenge, Dr. Wissing and Lori have held her accountable and that keeps her on track. 

After the weigh-in, Dr. Wissing urged the group to eliminate wheats (breads) from their diet.  He explain why a candy bar is essentially better than two slices of bread.  Dr. Wissing says, the glycemic index for a candy bar is lower than a piece of bread.  In other words your blood sugar goes up higher when eating two pieces of bread and the blood sugar sustains longer causing increase in insulin than in the candy bar.

To date the Knock It Off Team has lost 90 pounds since they started the challenge.  You can follow along on Domonique Benn's Facebook page for updates on the team and the latest from the nutritionist specialists.  

Kate Archer Kent teaches yoga at Sadhu Vaswani Hindu Cultural Center and Hindu Temple at 6526 Jefferson Paige Road in Shreveport.  The classes are free, but donations are appreciated. Schedule:  Every Tuesday 6pm-7pm and Saturday 10am-11am.

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