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Crews remove Florida house sitting atop sinkhole

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Tampa, Florida -- Demolition crews have torn down a home in suburban Tampa after a sinkhole opened under the home, killing one man.

Slowly and carefully, crews torn down the walls of the home. They tried to spare the pictures, the family's furniture and even an American flag.

But the search for Jeffery Bush, who died here after being swallowed by a sinkhole, has already ended.

Bush's brother, Jeremy, "I feel that they could have tried harder to get my brother out of there."

Wearing his brother's hat, Jeremy bush watched with family and friends as heavy equipment tore through the house, revealing the place where Jeremy heard his brother screaming and tried to save him.

The sinkhole, believed to be some 50-feet deep, is visible from the air.

The goal is to get the house removed, the slab removed so officials can see the sinkhole. No one knows if the house is going to fall in, but precautions are being taken to ensure that debris is removed.

The day ended with a burial, of sorts. The family gathered the memorial left by well-wishers, dropping them into the claw of a backhoe, which then gently dropped the memorials into the sinkhole that has become a grave.

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