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Stalled train blocks Bossier City neighborhood for hours


Some Bossier City residents were unable to get home for 10 hours after a Union Pacific train stalled on the tracks.

It happened Thursday, February 28th lasting well into the next morning at the railroad crossing at Maplewood Drive and Benton Road.

Donna Day is a Bossier City resident and says if the train was just going to sit there, the company should have separated the cars to create a gap to allow people to cross. "...for ten hours. You couldn't do that for the courtesy of the people? I find that hard to believe," says Day.

Day says it didn't move for more than 10 hours. From Thursday evening into Friday morning, people were forced to park their cars and climb over the train to get home.

"As I sat in my trailer and watched there were women coming home with their children from picking them up after work. They were climbing through the train. They had groceries. They would climb, you know?," says Day.

While this was the longest delay at this railroad crossing, residents at the Maplewood RV and mobile home park say this happens all too often.

"The sign that's posted over there has a phone number on it that you can call," says resident Huey Johnson. "Every time you call they'll tell you 'The train is not supposed to block it for more than thirty minutes.' but, then you sit here for an hour to two hours. You know?"

KSLA News 12 contacted Union Pacific from the number on the sign. Union Pacific public relations representatives say that a different train had engine problems while on the track and that caused two other trains including the one in Bossier City to be backed up. Union Pacific says by the time it was fixed, the crew of the train had ran out of service hours. Federal law prohibits anyone on a train crew from working more than a 12-hour shift.

Union Pacific released a statement to KSLA News 12 saying, "We realize this was a major inconvenience for the community and apologize to those who were affected. Union Pacific is reviewing the situation and will use this as a learning experience that will help prevent similar situations from occurring in the future."

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office was called out to the railroad crossing on Thursday night. No word yet on whether or not Union Pacific was cited for the blocked crossing.

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