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Moving barrier cushions blow in car crash


Safety equipment for the Arkansas Highway Department proved its worth Thursday after an accident in Texarkana.

Crews with the Arkansas Highway Department were working on I-30 when a car plowed into the rear of a moving barrier. "It is no doubt the injuries were minimal because the impact was with this vehicle trailer," says Texarkana Arkansas police officer Kristie Mitchell.

Crews say the equipment is called a truck attenuator and designed to absorb the impact from collisions like this one. "We have different applications where we use these attenuators. And we have then out there for the protection of our employees and also for the protection of the motoring public," says Arkansas Highway Department official Joe Haney.

Officials say this is the first time in Southwest Arkansas that someone had made contact with this moving barrier and they are pleased with the outcome. "The vehicle could have made impact with the back end of the dump truck which actually could have went under the dump truck or even hit our workers out there," says Haney.

Police say the driver of the car and one highway department employee were taken to the hospital by private vehicles with minor injuries. Police also say this wreck is a reminder to drive with caution through highway work zones. " There was significant warning that construction was up ahead. And people need to be paying more attention to those warnings," says Mithchell

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