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State Police: 3.2 million pounds of propellant remain at Camp Minden


New details that emerged Thursday about illegally stored combustible materials has a military munitions contractor in hot water.

Louisiana State Police originally said last year that Explo Systems stored 6 million pounds out in the open. Now that figure has been revised upward to 10 million pounds.

This is just some of the new information revealed during a Louisiana legislative committee on Homeland Defense in Baton Rouge. Legislators grilled State Police investigators about the state's investigation.

No one from Explo Systems represented the company at the hearing. Company executives were not required to appear.

For example, we learned that Explo asked the Department of Defense for an exemption because the company basically ran out of space to store the propellant. Some 3.2 million pounds remains at Camp Minden, and that remains an issue.

Explo has asked to store some of the propellant at the Red River Army Depot, Lone Star and other ammunition plants. Those companies have not approved Explo's request.

Louisiana State Police and Camp Minden even wrote a letter to then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to inform him that they have run out of storage options.

"We need help securing this material. We have about 3.2 million pounds of M6 propellant that still poses a threat to public safety," says State Police Capt. Taylor Moss.

"We've run out of options. We've exhausted every option we could to secure this material," Moss says.

The propellant will remain at Camp Minden, which is about a mile from the town of Byline, until the state gets assistance from either the state or the federal government.

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