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CBS Soap Opera Recap: July 23

Young and the Restless 

Billy is rocked when Victoria tells him Stitch will be with her at her paternity test appointment.   When Billy goes to see Chelsea after his fight with Victoria, he finds Stitch's yearbook and demands to know what's going on.

While Barton takes a call from Leslie, Kevin swipes his ID from his coat pocket and hacks into the hospital computer.

Nikki prepares to be dragged through the mud to defend herself against Ian. Meanwhile, Paul agrees not to testify in Nikki's case.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill plans a trip to Catalina to make sure that all of the final preparations for his and Brooke's wedding have been made.  Wyatt returns for his first day back at Forrester Creations with a lucky charm in his pocket.  With new information in-hand, Katie is having a difficult time processing that Bill is guilty of what Ridge is accusing him of.  Ridge devises a plan to get Bill to
confess to being the conspirator of the accident in Abu Dhabi.   

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