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Grants that pay for police and fire in jeopardy

If congress doesn't reach a budget compromise by March 1st local public safety could see some federal money dry up.

That federal money usually comes to police and fire in the form of grant money - they have to apply for it. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't. The money is used as a supplement to their regular budget, and it pays for special initiatives or equipment.

"Grants are an important part of our budget grants allow us to do many things. A lot of it is in connection with the overtime paying officers to conduct special operations," said Sgt. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

But many of the agencies we checked with today will be operating from budgets that have already been adopted, including SPD.

"The hiring grants that we're currently paying officer for, they're going to continue being in place and we're going to continue paying those officers with those federal dollars," said Sgt. Goodin.

Bossier City Police won't be impacted by the possible cuts for another few years. Public Information Officer, Mark Natale says the department is operating from a budget that was passed in 2010, and will continue using those dollars for a few years.

Most agencies we spoke to agree that if the cuts are implemented the grants money will dwindle, but they assure the citizens they protect that services will not be diminished.

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