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Cafeteria Report Card: Cass County

KSLA News 12 has spent the weekend checking up on area school cafeterias to make sure the food your kids is served is safe to eat. This week we have a heaping helping of perfect scores. Cass County, Texas impressed health inspectors. They have a long list of flawless reports.

Health inspectors received a complaint about Atlanta High School, so they headed over to the cafeteria to check it out. The complaint was about their milk coolers. The inspector said that while they were at the school, the coolers were working properly. The manager at Atlanta High did say they had some problems with one of the coolers but it has since been fixed. The inspector have them a perfect score.

Atlanta Middle School knew the recipe for success, they had zero violations. Atlanta Elementary School made the cut and aced their inspection. Atlanta Primary is the same story; they wrap up this week's cafeteria report card by serving up zero violations.

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