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ETX men on road to recovery following oilfield explosion

Lenard Crabb Lenard Crabb

Video captured in Atascosa County shows the scene after a water pipe perforating gun exploded, seriously injuring two East Texans.

Atascosa Authorities said the men were employed by J-W Wireline Company and were airlifted to the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

"I'm thankful they're alive," said friend Jarett Stephenson.

One of the most recent pictures Stephenson received from Lenard Crabb shows him in his hospital bed, wearing a smile. Stephenson said Crabb is just thankful to have survived the accident that took part of his arm and caused other injuries so severe that he's been in the hospital for more than a month.

"He had a lot of intestinal injuries, broke his femur, his leg. He told me last night, he said he found out he broke his shoulder I guess during the blast when he fell down on his trailer," Stephenson said.

His coworker suffered major injuries as well.

"Chris Barrios has lost this section of his hand all the way down through his arm here and part of his ring finger on his right hand. He's got a lot of shrapnel, they both have a lot of shrapnel, but Chris has a lot of shrapnel in his hands. There's so much little pieces that they can't really get it out," Stephenson said.

Stephenson worked for weeks to put together a benefit with live music, food and a silent auction for the men who will require months, maybe years of rehabilitation.

The benefit is scheduled for Saturday, February 23 at Lago del Pino. The event is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. They are charging $10 per person at the door. Half of that money will be donated to Crabb and Barrios.

Stephenson said if you cannot attend the benefit, but wish to make a donation, you may mail a check to Citizens National Bank P.O. Box 127, Chandler, TX 75758. You may also make a donation in person at the bank located in Chandler or Athens.

Stephenson said to make sure you designate that you want your donation to go to the Lenard Crabb and Chris Barrios (split) Fund.

"This isn't just about medical bills, you know people have to remember that they've got mortgages, they've got vehicles, they've got families," Stephenson said.

Stephenson said Barrios is finally home in East Texas, but travels to San Antonio for skin graft work and surgeries. Crabb is still in San Antonio and tells Stephenson he should start rehab soon.

Stephenson hopes he can raise enough money to help these men and their families. For those who cannot offer their money, he has another request.

"Just pray for these guys, and pray for these families and just thank God that they are okay and they are going to be okay, it's just going to be a long road," Stephenson said.

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