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More tornadoes confirmed in Monday's storms

A funnel cloud is seen over downtown Beckville, TX (Source: Angela Lovil) A funnel cloud is seen over downtown Beckville, TX (Source: Angela Lovil)

The National Weather Service has now confirmed 1 tornado touched down in Arkansas, 1 in Louisiana, and a total of 12 tornadoes struck in East Texas on Monday.

The tornadoes touched down in the following locations:

-Eight miles south of Mansfield, LA
-Four miles southwest of Garland, AR
-Seven miles southeast of Kilgore
-Nine miles eastsoutheast of Kilgore
-Nine miles west of Tatum
-11 miles eastnortheast of New Summerfield
-Six miles northwest of Mount Enterprise
-Four miles northnortheast of Beckville
-Four miles northnortheast of Mount Enterprise
-Nine miles north of Carthage
-Five miles eastnortheast of Mount Enterprise
-10 miles northnortheast of Carthage
-Nine miles northeast of Carthage
-Seven miles northnorthwest of Garrison

The first Mount Enterprise and the Garrison tornadoes were rated as EF-1s.  The NWS says they had winds up to 90 MPH.  The rest of these tornadoes were EF0s on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with winds between 70 and 75 MPH.

"We saw several pictures on KLTV's website. None of the pictures we saw had the tornado on the ground, but due to some of the trees it could have been on the ground, but we just couldn't see it. Of course our radar were indicating that could definitely be the case," said Meteorologist Brandi Richardson with the National Weather Service.

So, Richardson and her co-worker packed their radar data and headed out early to survey the damage.
"It kind of helps us go back and do a little post-mortem analysis of what we saw and how we did and how we did on our warnings," Richardson explained.

They came to the conclusion that at least three tornadoes touched down. One of them in an East Texans' front yard near Beckville.

"This is the most severe that we've seen. Just a few limbs and trees snapped here and there. Very, very light damage. Looks like a very weak EF0. That's what we've seen so far. We're not to the end of the track yet, but that's what we've seen so far," Richardson said.

Richardson said when she saw this storm coming she had a few personal warnings to send out.
No injuries were reported and the damage surveyed from Monday's tornadoes did not leave any major damage.

The National Weather Service said the surveying they do will help East Texans when it comes to working with their insurance companies.

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