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Abortion protestor fighting back

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An abortion clinic protestor is fighting back legally after she was arrested for protesting at an abortion clinic back in April.

Fran Krier said her 1st amendment rights were violated when she was arrested back in April 2012 after protesting at the Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport.

The charges were later dropped, but now Krier's attorney, Joel Pearce, says they plan on filing a civil suit against Centenary College for a violation of the 1983 Civil Rights Act.

"It's very clear that every man and woman has the right to peacefully assemble, they have the right to gather together, they have the right to peacefully picket and protest," says Pearce.

When the incident took place, police reports indicated Krier harassed Centenary students, and staff who worked at the clinic.

Back in June, Krier said she was a peaceful demonstrator, and was shocked when police put her in cuffs.

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