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Abortion clinic protest gets heated

Protester Seth Capps is confronted by his own protester, Emily McManus. Protester Seth Capps is confronted by his own protester, Emily McManus.

On Tuesday a pro-life group from Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Marshall,Texas protested the Hope Medical Group for Women, a Shreveport clinic that performs abortions. The protestors carried signs reading "Abortion is murder" and "Babies are murdered here."

The group's message, which they say is delivered with love, was also delivered with some shouting Tuesday morning.

"Do not murder your baby," one protestor shouted in the direction of the clinic.

Their arrival was noticed. "I'm going to call the police," someone yelled from nearby windows. Moments later police officers arrived, but never confronted protestors.

Sgt. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department confirms that police were called to the scene for a disturbance, but police officers on the scene didn't see the need to intervene.

"We're commanded to speak up for the speechless and the voiceless," said protestor Seth Capps.

Their desire to be heard on the controversial issue was answered.

"When women drive up to that clinic, they should have someone ready to embrace them and love them and show them that there are other options, and help them walk away from this," said Emily McManus while holding a sign that protested the protestors. Her handwritten sign read, "Help the broken heal. Show love, not hate."

McManus is pro-life also, but she disagrees with the manner in which the group delivered their message.

Capps conceded that the aggressive fire and brimstone type of delivery is not what the group wants to be known for. But he vows to continue to deliver the controversial message.

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