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Cafeteria Report Card: Roaches found in area cafeteria


Every Monday morning we are checking behind the kitchen doors of your children's school cafeterias to make sure the food they are served is safe to eat. This week we looked at Texarkana, Texas schools. When inspectors came calling at Morriss Elementary School, they found roaches in a warmer. This is a critical violation. A critical violation is an imminent health risk. They let us inside their kitchen to see if they clean up their act. "It was corrected immediately. The staff here cleans that warmer every day. They've put it back into use" Beth Carson, the nutrition director, says.

They showed KSLA News 12 the warmer where they found the roaches. "It, prior to the findings, it was not in use. So they are using it every day now and cleaning it every day. It was added to our daily cleaning schedule and they follow that very closely" Carson says.

That wasn't the only violation at Morriss Elementary School. The track on the drink cooler needed to be cleaned. That violation was corrected while the inspector was there. The cafeteria crew here at Morriss feeds nearly 200 kids. "We keep clean by constantly wiping up, cleaning up between tasks, all of our employees here at Morriss are serve safe certified and they are very aware of the importance of cleanliness" Carson says. That certification means that each member of this cafeteria crew has to pass a test before they are allowed to serve your kids. "It insures that we are serving safe food to our students" Carson says.

"By keeping the food hot, bacteria will growth is reduced and the same if it's cold, bacteria growth is reduced. So we want to be sure we are serving safe food" Carson says. Along with keeping this food at the safe temperatures, they also have to make sure everything these chicken nuggets touch before your child's tray is clean.  "The sanitizer helps to prevent cross contamination. We do thorough hand washing after every task, we wear gloves which helps with cross contamination if used properly" Carson says.

All other elementary schools in Texarkana, Texas had perfect scores. Theron Jones Elementary, Spring Lake Park Elementary, Highland Park Elementary, and Dunbar Elementary all served up flawless inspections.

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