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Finding a new superintendent may cost big bucks

Dr. Gerald Dawkins' contract expires in August. Dr. Gerald Dawkins' contract expires in August.

Caddo Parish School board members are looking for a new superintendent, but they are at odds on how to find one.

The board can make a decision to hire an outside agency to search nationally for superintendent candidates, or handle the hiring process locally without the extra expense of an agency.

"They seem lazy they don't want to do the work," says District 5 Board Member Curtis Hooks.

Hooks is opposed to hiring an outside agency, and would prefer to search and hire locally for the position.

Back in 2008, the school board spent more than $60,000 to find and hire the current superintendent Dr. Gerald Dawkins, and $25,000 was paid to an outside agency.

"We were not successful in drawing enough candidates for the pool," says District 11 Board Member Ginger Armstrong. Armstrong says the reason they went with an outside agency in 2008 was due to not finding enough candidates locally.

Right now, board members acknowledge there is not money in the budget to use an outside agency, and arrangements will need to be made if they choose to go with one.

"Make funds available because it is a necessity," says Armstrong.

The board made the decision to not renew Dr. Gerald Dawkins contract back in January, and his contract will expire on Aug. 12, 2013.

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