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Underground plastic surgery a growing problem

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Plastic surgery can be a complicated and sometimes dangerous procedure when performed by a certified and licensed professional. Consultation is needed to see if the surgery is correct for a patient and if so, what type may be needed.

However, Flowood based Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates partner and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kanosky says surgeries done by those with little to no training can result in infections and death.

"We're also trained to recognize when the patient has various health issues and problems and how to treat those appropriately. In this situation, when you have black market surgery, no one is there to even recognize when the patient may be getting into trouble or having problems," explained Kanosky.

The black market trend is growing with women and transsexuals across the country, with at least one fatal report in Mississippi.

Last year WLBT reported on the death of Karima Gordon, an Atlanta model who came to Jackson for a low-cost cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance her buttocks, according to the state Attorney General's office. She later died.

Investigators say the procedure was performed in a Jackson woman's home.

Tracey Lynn Garner, who lived in the house, was later charged with depraved heart murder, as was Memphis adult entertainment performer Natasha "Pebbelz" Stewart. The court case against the two women is not complete at this time.

The desire to have celebrity-like curves at lower prices is driving much of the black market.

"If you want and instantaneous quick fix that's very inexpensive, no down time and so forth, you can get your self in real trouble real, real quick," said Kanosky.

Medical professionals know that black market surgeries exist, but how to address the issue is a whole different problem. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery there are no known statistics on underground procedures.

"I'm not sure that we yet have any real handle on how big it is or help prevalent this is, where it's happening or how many times it has happened. Maybe in the future we will be able to gather more information and statistics," Kanosky.

He says there must be more research and new laws in place, for those who seek a new form of beauty under the knife. Kanosky also believes underground surgeries hurt the creditability of his profession.

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