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Ark-La-Tex cruise ship passengers speak out

There are many descriptions of the bad conditions on board the Carnival cruise ship Triumph from the passengers who were stuck on board for five days after the ship was disabled by an engine-room fire. And some of those 4,200 passengers happen to call the Ark-La-Tex home.

We spoke by phone on Friday (2/15/13) with 23-year old Kyle Malmay. He's an aspiring actor who splits his time between Zwolle, Louisiana and New Orleans, where he works on films. It was a discounted fair that landed him on board with some friends, for what was supposed to be a 4-day cruise. Instead, he was thrown into the role of a lifetime, albeit involuntarily and under unpleasant circumstances.

As the images aboard the crippled cruiser ship Triumph make it to the public airwaves, you'd think a returning passenger wouldn't stop talking about the cots on the upper deck, or those overflowing toilets. But Malmay remembers the mind-crushing boredom the most. "The only entertainment I could find, I was actually thinking it was funny to see the couples, they were kind of getting kind of tense towards each other."

Malmay is the first to tell you the conditions weren't great, and the smell was even worse from the sewage seeping into the carpets. But, he was perhaps most struck by how hard the staff kept working. "They were always cleaning, always checking our rooms and things like that but as much as they did, they did as much as they could but still there was still that smell all the time."

Actually, what irks Malmay the most is the media reports he's watched after getting off the ship. "I've heard a lot of stories yesterday (Thursday, 2/14) of people getting off the ship saying things like the upper decks were still receiving power and liquor and the lower decks were sort of being treated like trash and that's absolutely not true."

This self-described struggling actor, who says he's now in year three of a ten year plan to make it big, is quick to say he was having a great time before that engine fire stranded the ship 150 miles off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on Sunday (2/10/13).

And despite the ordeal, Malmay says he's thinking seriously about taking Carnival Cruises up on its 7-day free cruise that they've offered him. "I'll cruise again. I'm definitely, I definitely won't cruise on that particular ship."

Malmay is now getting some much deserved 'rest' from his vacation. He'll actually come home to Zwolle in a few days to put in some work for his dad's lumber company. Then, he'll return to 'The Big Easy,' to get back to work on that 10-year plan to become a movie star.

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