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Ladybug Infestation: Exterminate?


They are known to be cute and cuddly, but sometimes ladybugs can cause an infestation.

According to an East Texas exterminator, ladybugs begin to come out in February, some believe it's a sign that winter is coming to an end.

But even when people come across the infestation, it could still be hard to want to call an exterminator on them, because they are still so cute.

"They don't have a negative connotation, they aren't associated in a negative way whatsoever," says Tony Busby with RID-X extermination.

"They tend to swarm outside and if you have a window open, you can end up with them inside your house. Sometimes they land on the house structure itself, and they'll crawl through tiny openings around the windows the doors," says Busby.

Busby says to not fear if you have a ladybug infestation, they have a short life span when living indoors and can do no harm.

"When someone calls in with a ladybug problem, we prefer to just explain to them that they've come in, it's a seasonal thing. Their life span is three to six weeks, they're not there to stay, and their certainty not there to lay eggs," says Busby. 

Busby says the procedure of exterminating happens naturally with ladybugs.

"Most cases the procedure to spray is not going to do anymore than what would happen naturally. Because their going to die, their not going to re infest the house, they again have come in by accident and if they don't get out they are not going to live," says Busby. 

Busby recommends to just open your windows and provide an exit for the cute, cuddly beetle.

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