Legal battle roils Sepulvado's execution date

Legal battle roils Sepulvado's execution date

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - We may know on Thursday the next step in the legal battle over the execution of Christopher Sepulvado.

Louisiana's Department of Corrections Attorney Wade Shows on Thursday is expected to approach the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to ask that the delay to execute Sepulvado be lifted.

But Sepulvado's attorney, Gary Clements, told KSLA News 12 that the state must first provide more details about the lethal injection drug Pentobarbital.

"I don't know when they got the drug. These drugs have a shelf life. They expire just like any drug. I don't know what that is. Mr. Shows is not turning that over to me," Clements says.

That drug, Pentobarbital, is a sedative that has been used to execute death row inmates in six other states, including Texas. But Clements says that doesn't prove anything.

Clements also says in this latest appeal to delay the execution that Sepulvado is not trying to avoid his ultimate fate.

"His death sentence is a valid legal event and what he is doing is raising his 8th Amendment challenge, which is to say that whatever way they choose to carry out the execution that it is to be done in a fashion that is not cruel and unusual," Clements says.

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