Legislators to question investigators on Explo

Louisiana legislators have set a date for a meeting at the state capitol to question those involved in the investigation into Explo. Explo is the company accused of improperly storing millions of pounds of M6 propellant on the grounds of Camp Minden. The discovery was made in October of 2012 which lead to a criminal investigation.

Louisiana Representative Jeff Thompson who is a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, says on February 28th he and other legislators will get an update from investigators and the crews in charge of relocating the dangerous material.

"I'm very pleased with the progress we're making with securing this site, I'm not so happy with the answers so far, or the lack of those, regarding how we're going to go about getting that money back into the state budget that we've had to expend on behalf of Explo," said Thompson.

Thompson wants to ensure the tax payer doesn't get tapped to pay for the cost of cleaning up the material, future state revenue that could be lost, or any other expenses related to the ordeal.

Eventually the committee is going to want to hear from Explo representatives and from those who run Camp Minden. But the ongoing criminal investigation promises to limit their availability for the time being. Thompson believes more meetings and hearings will be scheduled in Baton Rouge in the months to come.

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