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Shreveport's plan to revitalize Allendale and Ledbetter


The City of Shreveport took a big step forward in the effort to revitalize the Allendale and Ledbetter Heights neighborhoods on Monday when it revealed a plan for the area.  Now, Shreveport will use that plan to compete with more than 100 cities for a $30-million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to restore those neighborhoods.

"We have lived in the Allendale neighborhood for 42 years. We love our neighborhood, but it does need a lot of improvements," said Patrick Vaughan.

She and her husband considered moving out of Allendale because they want more businesses and better streets in their neighborhood, but when they heard about the Choice Neighborhoods project they decided to  stay and see what happens.

If the plans presented Monday night become reality, their neighborhood will look completely different.

"We want to boost the population of Allendale. We want people to come back home and be excited about living 5 minutes from Downtown," said Project Manager Chloe Duplessis.

The plan is 3-fold and hopes to transform housing, neighborhood amenities, and the people who live there.

To transform housing they plan to replace abandoned homes with new structures.

"We want a wonderful combination of market rate housing, affordable housing, town houses, condos, single family homes," said Duplessis.

To improve the neighborhood they plan to attract new businesses like a grocery store. Many residents also want to see road improvements. Duplessis said roads are up to the City, but they are working with the city council to get that done as well.

Project organizers also want to help the people who live there by creating after school programs for kids, a career solutions center, and G.E.D. programs.

Choice Neighborhoods will submit their final plan in June, and they hope to find out if they get the $30-million grant in the fall.

Organizers say if they don't get the grant they still hope to  make their plans a reality, but it would take longer.

For more information on their plans, click here.

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