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Rep. Fleming vows to fight military cuts

Rep. John Fleming (R-Dist. 4) Rep. John Fleming (R-Dist. 4)

U.S. Congressman John Fleming says he saw the military pay cuts coming and voted against the legislation that made them possible - sequestration. That's the automatic cutting of about $1.2 trillion dollars from spending that will go into effect if congress does not pass a budget.

50% of those cuts go to the military. And that's why those in the military will likely see a 1 percent pay raise instead of the 1.7 percent that was expected.

Rep. Fleming, of Louisiana's 4th congressional district, says he was asked to support sequestration by fellow republican and Speaker of the House, John Boehner, but says he refused because of this very situation – deep cuts to the U.S. military.

So Fleming wants to pass laws that would fight the cuts.

"I'm not at all happy about this. I don't think it's necessary at all. And we can fight sequestration, and in fact republicans have already passed, not once, but twice, legislation that would restore funding to the department of defense," said Fleming.

The Pentagon alone faces a $42.7 billion budget cut starting in March and ending in September.

Both sides will be fighting to stave off cuts they don't like, because by design the cuts are repulsive to legislators- Democrat and Republican.

Sequestration, already law, is set to begin in March.

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