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Ex-school board member pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking

Bartholomew Claiborne Bartholomew Claiborne

A former DeSoto Parish School Board member pleaded guilty Thursday to distributing cocaine.

Bartholomew Claiborne, 25, of Mansfield, La., entered the plea before U.S. district Judge Elizabeth E. Foote.

Claiborne was indicted on Sept. 4, 2012, for distributing cocaine. According to the indictment, Claiborne reportedly distributed cocaine on 14 separate occasions between Oct. 11, 2011, and July 12, 2012. Surveillance methods were used to observe Claiborne selling the cocaine.

Claiborne was one of 15 people who have been charged for selling cocaine and methamphetamine in the Mansfield area. The investigation involved a year-long probe responsible for bringing charges against Claiborne. More than seven law enforcement agencies helped in the investigation.

The former school board member faces up to 20 years in prison, a fine of $1 million or both with three years of supervised release.

Sentencing has been set for May 21.

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