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K-9 unit is looking for more money


The Bossier City Police Department is requesting to add money to its 2013 department budget to pay for a canine trainer.

Chief Shane McWilliams addressed the City Council Tuesday about adding $9,000 to the department's current budget to hire dog trainer Leroy Azlin.

Azlin has more than 34 years of experience in training police dogs, and if hired he would serve has the department's canine trainer and consultant.

"K-9's are not cheap and neither is the business, and they decided to protect what we have invested in the business and get it right," says Azlin.

The Bossier City's K-9 unit is made up of five officers and five dogs, and currently each team trains with the Shreveport Police Department's K-9 unit weekly.

By adding a personal trainer, police officials say this would allow for more one-on-one training.

"We stop training that dog when we bury him," says Azlin.

The city council will vote on the 19th whether to increase the police department's budget.

It appears the council will approve this measure, and if this happens the K-9 unit would begin its new training immediately.

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