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Milk prices forces stores to switch brands


The rising price of milk has put a pinch on consumer's pocketbooks. Zeetta Williams puts a lot of thought into her grocery list each week. On that list is a gallon of milk.

 "It's a necessity in my home so I use it frequently," said Williams, "I have teenage boys and an adult daughter and a four year old grandson and they all love milk.

Williams said she will buy five to six gallons of milk each month.  

"Now that it's more expensive it hits me really hard."

With the rising cost, Williams will spend an average of $192 extra each year to put milk on the table. That does not include the increase in the rest of the dairy products. Some analysts said because of feed costs and new legislation it is not unrealistic for milk to cost $8 a gallon in the future.

Akram Salamah, owner of Cotten's Grocery off Lakeshore Drive in Shreveport, has traded in name brand milk products for off brands to cut costs.

"We've been getting a good response out of that," said Salamah.

His shelves are stocked with a $5.59 name brand option and a $4.79 off brand option. Williams said she will be reaching for the cheaper alternative because, for her growing family, it all tastes the same.

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