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ETX community helps local family in need


One East Texas community is coming together to help a local family who lost their home in a recent storm. It is just the latest in a series of challenges for this family.

Last week, a tree fell on the Moore family's home on Raspberry street, outside of Frankston and near Lake Palestine.

"Then BOOM. That tree came down. I didn't know what hit our house," said LaShonda Moore.

Lashonda heard that sound on January 29 when a tree came down in her kitchen, just feet from where she was sitting.

"I said 'Dad, Dad a tree hit our house', and he said 'oh, you've got to be kidding me', and I said 'yes, a tree hit our house'," Moore said.

The storms that knocked the tree onto their house left a big hole in the middle of their mobile home.

"I don't know if our  house is fixable or not. I don't think it's fit to live in or anything like that," Moore said.

Now the Moore family is having to live in a motel. With an autistic child and a epileptic adult, the Moore family is on limited funds; Not enough to repair their home or buy a new one. So, the community decided to step in.

"We're just trying to raise money to either repair the house, or if there is someone who has a mobile home out of their farm or something like that that they'd like to donate, that's not being used. Anything, because as soon as their money runs out and they can't stay in the motel anymore, they will be homeless," said organizer of the Moore family fund, Lindsey Ford.

They have started a fund at Austin Bank and have been passing around fliers to try to raise money for the Moores. All you have to do to donate, is go to an Austin Bank near you and say you want to donate to the Moore family in Frankston.

"I just think it's your duty as a human, to help other people," Ford said.

Ford says they will keep trying to help this family, until they have a new home.

"We get by by the best way we can," Moore said.

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