Crossfit Craze sweeps the ArkLaTex; KSLA puts the workout to the test

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - FINAL RESULTS: So I went through the first workout I ever did during my Crossfit training on my final day with the program to see if I'd made any progress. I was able to shave off five minutes to my first workout time, which my trainer says is pretty impressive. Oh, and I also remeasured and weighed myself. I have lost six pounds and 3.5 inches off my waist. My trainer says those are really good numbers for six weeks.

There are several options for Crossfit in our area. If you are interested in trying Crossfit, I suggest that you look closely at any of the crossfit gym options across the Arklatex. Make sure that the gym you choose is Crossfit certified.

WEEK 4 UPDATE: During week four of my training, I joined up with one of the Crossfit classes at Red River Crossfit. Six other athletes were in the class. We started out by doing some warm up exercises, then we did a strength training routine. For 20 minutes we worked on finding our maximum weight on the bar squat. What that means is we kept adding weight to the bar on our shoulders and squatted until we found the max weight we could lift. For me it was 122 pounds.

After that we did our WOD, or our Workout of the Day. We were timed on this workout. We started out doing 100 jump ropes then 50 sit ups and we decreased our reps going down to 80 jump ropes/40 sit ups, 60/30, 40/20, and 20/10. When we were done we called for our time. I finished in 11:26.

This routine would be simple for anyone to do at home if they are not part of a Crossfit gym.  WEEK 3 UPDATE: During week three of Crossfit training, several of my coworkers joined me for a workout. Pat Simon, Kevin Roth and Marlene Mendoza took part in a team workout. Pat and Kevin worked as teammates and Marlene and I worked as a group.

Here was our Workout of the Day: wall ball shots, push ups, box jumps, push press, and sit ups. We did three rounds at one minute each. Each teammate peformed one minute of each exercise while the other rested. We alternated for three rounds. It was very intense and Kevin told me when he got to work the next day that he was feeling pretty sore. Also, Pat has earned the nickname of Pat "No Pain" Simon. Watch the video to see what I mean! During week two of my Crossfit training I learned the different types of squat presses that are used practically every day in Crossfit workouts. I also learned several new exercises that I incorporated into my Workout of the Day, or WOD.


At Red River Crossfit, they asked their members to be part of a 30 day challenge to eat healthier. They are using the Paleo diet as a guide. The challenge started on Wednesday.

It's the fastest growing exercise program in the world. More than 5,000 Crossfit gyms have popped up since the program was introduced in 2000. It has become an obsession for many athletes, like Anne Schaumberg.

"I came here intending to do three months and it's been eight to nine months," said Schaumberg, who is a member at Red River Crossfit. "I'm addicted."

Red River Crossfit in Shreveport is home to more than 100 members.

"It takes a certain kind of person to be dedicated to it and those results last longer," said Cam Feightner, owner of Red River Crossfit. "That's what is attracting people."

Some, however, have criticized the program saying it is too strenuous on the body and can cause serious injury. In some cases, uncertified trainers who teach the class can cause further damage.

"Crossfit can be scaleable for everybody, however, with any sort of exercise there's going to be risks involved if you do too much, too soon," said Liz Hansen, physical therapist at LSU Health.

In order to truly understand the Crossfit craze, I put myself through the program and for the next four weeks will be training. I started out Monday going through the Baseline workout. It's a 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, and 10 pull ups. My trainer will time me and use this as a guide to see how I have progressed over the next four weeks. At the end of the workout I finished with a time of 11:57. Tune into KSLA News 12 This Morning every Wednesday to get an update on my progress.