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Where are the road repairs?


Last year, Shreveport city council members pointed to the beginning of 2013 as the starting point for new road projects, but after a month without progress KSLA News 12 is asking ‘where are the repairs?'

"The administration could have moved a little quicker on it, and some of the process could have been sped up," says District D city council member Michael Corbin.

Corbin, like the other city council members, has been allocated $3 million to use on street repairs within his district. So far, his chosen street repairs have not started, but he says within a week ground will break on the first street repair.

The $3 million allocated to each district is from the $175 million bond issue of 2011.

Mayor Cedric Glover is working with the city council to make a decision on where to spend additional street repair money.

A special revenue fund of $10 million can be spent on one major street repair or multiple street repairs.

The city council will make their decision at its next meeting on Tuesday February 12, 2013.

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