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Court: Texas school funding unconstitutional

The way Texas pays for education has been ruled unconstitutional by a judge.

The legal battle involving 600 public schools just wrapped up on Monday when Judge John Dietz  sided with the school districts indicating the system is unfair.

On one side of the debate educators say the poorer districts got less money. On the other side of the debate they blame how the districts spend the money.

The school districts charge that Texas does not provide enough money to schools and fails to distribute the money in a fair way.

Texas educators saw 5.4 billion dollars in cuts to schools and education grant programs back in 2011.

Without a state income tax Texas relies on property taxes to fund public schools.

The school districts argue that means less money per classroom in the poorer schools.

Texas attorney general Gregg Abbott argues that the school districts don't always spend their money wisely.

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