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Bats in the belfry: Kilgore College battles bats


Classes were canceled Monday at an East Texas cosmetology school in Longview because of bats in the building.

Kilgore College Maintenance Supervisor Rick Murphy says it was just a year ago he installed exclusion devices, which allow the bats to leave the roof, but prevent them from flying back in.

But Monday morning, the City of Longview got a call saying two bats were flying around in the hair school.

"We could hear them; it's a real high pitched sound. They are all mingled together tightly in a duct area up in the attic," says Murphy.

Supervisor Buck Farrar says the attic door was left opened this weekend, allowing two of the bats to come down.

Now Farrar has ordered an inspection of the building, looking for the mystery hole which is allowing the bats to fly in.

"It really doesn't take, you know, just a very small opening or crack for those to get in and out," says Farrar.

The hair school is the same campus that had a scabies outbreak not too long ago, but Farrar says he believes the bats are unrelated to the outbreak.

Executive Dean of Kilgore College Julie Fowler says they want to get rid of the bats humanely.

"They're good animals, they eat lots of mosquitos, so we don't want to harm them; we just want them to live somewhere else," says Fowler.

Somewhere like the existing bat shelter Murphy built on an adjacent building.

Murphy says by placing bat shelters on top of the building it can help the bats from going inside. We know they are using the shelters because of the large amount of bat droppings found on the ground below

Now the trick is, getting all the bats to use it.

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