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Kitchen crew helps chase down a pick-pocket


A Shreveport couple says on Tuesday at Newk's café in Shreveport they were the victim of a wallet snatcher, but the restaurant's kitchen crew helped to chase down the pick-pocket and get the wallet back.

Allen Hendrix says as he was eating lunch with his wife, a man tried to snatch his wife's wallet from her purse.

"It came over me right then, I realized it was her wallet and that she wasn't going to be leaving with it," says Hendrix. He says a distinctive pattern helped him realize the man was walking away with his wife's wallet.

"Her husband just gets up immediately and runs after them," says Newk's employee Kaelon Gerard. "I almost thought like, ‘oh, are they joking'."

After Hendrix tries to run after the man, he called for help inside of the restaurant. He says a half dozen employees helped to chase down the wallet snatcher outside into the parking lot. 

The bad guy dropped the wallet and got away, but not before one of the employees scribbled the license plate number down.

Hendrix decided to share the story on facebook, and within one day the post has received more than 2,100 shares on the social media site. His story credits the staff at Newk's café for helping in the foot chase.

Police say, the get-a-way vehicle used in the crime is a rental. Investigators are still following up on leads to find the people responsible for this crime.

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