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Storm causes extensive damage to ETX properties


Fifty to sixty mile per hour winds tore the roof off Palestine's Walmart Distribution Center. 

A lot of Walmart's insulation and roofing matter landed in the Crockett Road Church of Christ parking lot.  
The minister here says that despite this large amount of debris, there are still several feet of Walmart's  roof unaccounted for. 

"There's probably 75 to 80,000 square feet. Not all of it is in our parking lot. There's a big, major part of it there, but the rest of it they have no idea where it is," said minister Dan Manuel. 

Manuel has served as the Crockett Road Church of Christ minister for 41 years.

"In that period of time we have lived through five tornadoes here in Palestine," he explained. 

And the church hasn't been touched, until now.

"There's something that knocked the door out and scattered debris and glass and insulation on the church building and the main auditorium. There were some trees down, limbs broken off, telephone poles twisted off out in the parking lot," Manuel explained. 

A big chunk of the debris is in the church's parking lot, but what is not there has been blown throughout the city. About a mile away from the warehouse, in a residential neighborhood, a big chunk of insulation sat in an East Texan's front yard. 

Jamie Rhone owns a day spa across the street from the church and was at the work when the storm ripped through area.

"The door flew open, this huge boom happened, and so all the power went off. We ran outside and there was stuff like insulation going down the road like crazy," Rhone said. 

Church members worked hard to clean up the auditorium for their Wednesday evening service, but the Palestine Fire Department said it could take up to a month to have all of this debris cleared. 

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