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Boy Scouts consider repealing ban on gay members


The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that they are considering removing the ban on gay scouts.

In the Ark-La-Tex those with ties to scouting had mixed reactions to the news.

In elementary school Clay Critcher proudly wore his Boy Scout uniform. Now as an adult he is openly gay. His mother, Adrienne Critcher, says she was thrilled to hear the organization may make a change because her family did enjoy their experience with the Boy Scouts.

"It has made me sad when I look back at those adorable pictures of him in his uniform to think that the Boy Scouts don't want somebody like my son who is a wonderful person," said Critcher.

However others, like Andy Fischer, disagree.

"I don't think it's a good idea," said Fisher who enjoyed scouting during his teen years.

"Going out in the woods and learning how to take care of yourself and other," said Fisher who thinks changing the rules to allow gay members would contradict the family values scouting tries to teach.

If the national organization lifted their ban it would be up to each troop, district, or region to decide if they want to allow gay members. KSLA News 12 reached out to the local Boy Scouts office in Shreveport, but they said they had no comment.

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