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Cafeteria Report Card: Hempstead and Nevada Counties

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Most of the kids at Prescott Elementary School do eat lunch off the cafeteria's trays. "After you are done using whatever you are using, it gets cleaned, it gets sanitized, and all you counters get sanitized. Use gloves and don't use the same utensils for more than one thing" Michelle Weaver, the Prescott Elementary School Child Nutrition Director, says.

It takes a lot to keep this kitchen clean before, during, and after the lunch time frenzy.  "This is the water we use to wipe our cabinets down and wipe everything down to keep it sanitized" Weaver says about a bottle of sanitizer she mixed to clean the counters.

Prescott Elementary School was the only school out of Hempstead and Nevada counties with a violation. "It was our dishwasher, the rinse cycle was not getting to temperature and we had to put bleach in our dishwasher until we got it fixed. The computer board was out on our heater booster" Weaver says. That violation has been corrected and cleared by the inspector.

The Prescott cafeteria crew keeps a temperature log to make sure each serving that hits the trays is safe to eat. "They check the temperatures when they take it out of the oven to make sure that it is done. They check it when the serve it, to make sure it's held to the right temperatures" Weaver says.  "Wash your hands all the time. Wash them every time you change jobs, if you get something on your hands, wash. Hot water, soap, wash for 20 seconds" Weaver says.

Prescott Elementary School did correct their violation, and all other schools had perfect scores. Spring Hill Schools, Blevins High School, Bradley School, Nevada County School, Prescott High School, and Prescott Middle School all grilled up zero violations.

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