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What happens if the rumble gets rougher?


The shake, rattle and roll is becoming an all too common wake-up call in parts of the ArkLaTex. Just hours after a 4.1 magnitude earthquake shook East Texas, many are now asking why this keep happening.

And what if the rumble gets rougher?

"Man, that was the darndest thing I ever felt," says one East Texas resident who felt the quake.

From shock and concern to the quick realization that, once again, the ground is rumbling in East Texas. That's the reaction from those who felt last night's earthquake in Shelby County.

The trembles reported as far east as Bossier City. Fortunately, this one left just a small mark behind.

"The only thing we've seen is a little more separation on the front of the building of the store here in Timpson," another resident says.

But if East Texas were to experience an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 4.1, that could mean trouble.

"As long as it doesn't get over a 5.0. If it gets over a 5.0, then we could have some catastrophic damage," say Larry Burns, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Timpson.

With more than half a dozen quakes striking East Texas since May, the Timpson Emergency Preparedness Team has warnings for you in case of another earthquake emergency.

"The main thing is stay where you're at. If they're worried about something falling on them, move in a doorway frame. Don't leave the house whatever you do because 90 percent of the people that are killed in an earthquake are killed leaving the home," Burns says.

As the dust settles, the focus now looks to the cause of the shakes. Everyone has his own theory.

Resident 1: "Truly, I believe it's because of an act of God."

Resident 2: "It also could have something to do with the fracking and the drilling."

"We're trying to figure out what's going on," Burns says.

According to research ongoing at Stephen F. Austin University and the University of Texas, Burns tells us they've got some ideas about the cause but, for now, they're not publishing any of those findings.

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