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Sheriff: New look saves the county money


An East Texas sheriff's office will be getting a new look to its marked vehicles.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office is replacing its black and white squad cars to a plain white vehicle with new reflective additions. The vehicle will have two diagonal blue and gold stripes, the sheriff's office logo and "SHERIFF" markings on the sides of the vehicle.

Sheriff Smith said the changes to the vehicle are not just to change the image of the department, but to save the department money at the same time.

"The black and white vehicles you see out in the county, the vehicles we currently have, the black part of that is a wrap and the lettering has to be put on there --- Those two together end up costing the sheriff's office about $2,700," Sheriff Smith said. "So what we've chosen to do is take a white vehicle and put the addition we have on it and we're doing that for $500 apiece, so we're saving about $2,200 for the county."

Smith said with the cost savings to the county, they can give five vehicles the 'new look' for the cost of one of the older 'black and white wraps.' Not all of the sheriff's office vehicle fleet will be receiving the makeover.

"We have about thirty or so marked units," Smith said. "Much of our fleet is well over 100,000 miles, we're not going to take the wrap off of that and spend $500 to do that, we're going to transition those out as those vehicles are taken off the fleet."

Smith said the fleet's newer Impalas will get the new look within a year or two since they have fewer miles.

The additions going on the white vehicles will be reflective so it can aid in deputy safety on night calls. The vehicles will also have the unit number atop the vehicle so the deputies can be aided on calls where the Department of Public Safety helicopter is being used.

"For instance, if we're trying to talk a unit in a specific location, the helicopter can direct us from the air without having to do like we used to do in the past," Smith said.

Three new vehicles, two older vehicles and a new one-ton pickup (that is used for strays) have the new sheriff's office look.

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