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KSLA gets video of Byrd chase, rescue, arrest


Leading police on a high-speed chase may send Bobby Byrd to prison for the rest of his life. Now, KSLA has video of the chase, rescue and arrest.

Back in July 2011, Shreveport Police spotted a vehicle that matched the description of a van used in a string of nightclub robberies. Officers pulled the driver over, but before they could question him, he took off.

Byrd led police on a dangerous, high-speed chase through the streets of Shreveport and eventually into Bossier City.

After driving down a dead end road, Byrd ditched the vehicle and jumped into the Red River. Police went in after him.

"It was certainly a dangerous risk. It was in the middle of the day, downtown Shreveport. Several officers had to jump into the river," says John Crawford of the Caddo District Attorney's Office.

Earlier this month, Byrd was convicted of aggravated flight from an officer, a charge that usually carries a two-year sentence at most. But the state is pursuing a life sentence under a multiple offender bill.

"His criminal rap sheet has upwards of 10 to 12 different felonies that he has," Crawford says.

Byrd's family says in response that the state is taking the case too far.

"You know, a chick kills her kid and puts it in the freezer and she gets seven years. Someone breaks into a bar and out runs the police man and they give him life because they've done it before? I just don't feel that's fair," says one of Byrd's family members.

Byrd will be back in court on January 28 when the sentencing phase of this case will begin.

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