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BPCC reviews campus safety procedures


While watching coverage of the shooting at Lone Star College in Houston, Bossier Parish Community College staff couldn't help but think about what would happen if someone started shooting on their campus.

"It always brings it up to your first thought when your looking at these types of things," said Public Relations Director, Tracy McGill.

If someone started shooting on campus  at BPCC, first there would be an announcement over the campus wide loudspeaker to announce a lock down and tell people what part of campus the shooter was in.

Then, McGill would send out a message to students' phones using the First Call emergency notification system.

College staff say a key part of their security plan is their relationship with the Bossier City Police Department. There is always at least one off duty officer working security on campus, and often on duty officers patrol the campus, too.

"They're here. They are already on campus. Their police cars are parked outside," said McGill.

Students say that proximity makes them feel safe.

"There's protocols and procedures. There's always a Bossier policeman around here, and that I think gives a big sense of security," said BPCC student, Jesse Kortis.

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