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SC man still searching for kidney for his wife

Jimmie Sue and Larry Swilling were surprised by outpour of support shown. (Sept. 4, 2012/FOX Carolina) Jimmie Sue and Larry Swilling were surprised by outpour of support shown. (Sept. 4, 2012/FOX Carolina)
STARR, SC (FOX Carolina) -

Some may remember Larry Swilling of Starr's story - he's walked all over the Upstate and even around Charlotte with a simple message: "Need a Kidney 4 Wife."

FOX Carolina spoke to him back in September when he first began his search for a kidney for his wife, who was born with just one kidney that is now failing. Now nearly five months later, there's no good news yet. In fact, Swilling's wife is now on kidney dialysis, still awaiting a good match.

Swilling said at least 600 people have called, hoping to be able to help his wife Jimmie Sue. But so far, no one has been cleared as a perfect match.

Jimmie Sue's blood type is O positive, making her search more difficult. While O positive is the most common blood type, those with it can only receive donations from others with type O blood, according to the American Red Cross.

"We're ready," said Swilling. "Just waiting for that one phone call. I hope it comes soon."

SLIDESHOW: Man seeks kidney for wife

The Swillings just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary in December. Swilling said it's been a storybook romance since he first laid his eyes on his wife all those years ago.

"I guess she was the old saying, 'love at first sight,' I didn't know what love was then but I do now," said Swilling.

He said in all this time, they've only been apart for a week at the longest. Now as the threat of losing his one true love gets closer, Swilling is heartbroken.

"We've been close together ever since we've been married," he said. "We stuck by each other, she's looked after me and now it's my turn to look after her, but I can't."

He said his wife has started having complications with kidney dialysis. He's not sure now much more of it she can take.

"She's never been a complainer," he said. "She's real tough. She's got this problem and she's lived with it. But now she's saying it's tough."

He said he's gotten calls from Sweden, Hawaii and even South Africa; however, there's been no donor match yet. He said nothing will stop him from getting his wife what she needs.

"I'm gonna do all I can," he said. "Whatever I can do to get her a kidney because I still think we've got some more years left together and naturally I want to have her as long as I can."

If you have an O positive blood type and think you might be able to help, Swilling wants you to call him at 864-314-0212.

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