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CareerBuilder offers advice for candidates in a competitive job market

If you're trying to land a job, then the interview process can often be the deal breaker.

Raycom News Network's Amanda Hanson reports on a recent survey about what not to do at your next job interview, and she gives some advice to help applicants stand out.

CareerBuilder recently asked nearly 2,600 hiring managers about the worst job interview blunders they've encountered. The standouts:

  • an interviewee who hugged the president of the company;
  • a job candidate who emptied the office candy dish into her purse;
  • a candidate who called in sick to her current job during her job interview;
  • a candidate who asked if he could be paid under the table.

The hiring managers surveyed also gave some insight into the most common mistakes interviewees make, such as appearing disinterested during the interview.

And you can cross yourself off the candidate list by doing things such as answering a phone call or text during a job interview. Just silence your phone before the interview.

Dressing inappropriately also can make or break an interview, as can talking negatively about a current or former employer.

The folks at CareerBuilder suggest preparing for a job interview. Sell your strengths. Research the company so you can relate and impress the hiring manager rather than give the manager a reason not to hire you.

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