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Mother: “My son was shot with b.b. gun”


A Shreveport mom is looking for answers from the Caddo Parish School District after she says her son was shot with a b.b gun while walking home from school.

Monique Gilbert says on Wednesday her 9 year old son was walking home from J.S. Clark Elementary School when another student shot her son in the mouth with the b.b. gun.

"I noticed that he was crying, and I asked him why are your crying, and he said well the little boy just shot me in the head with a bb gun," says Gilbert. She says she found her son just minutes after the incident less than a couple of feet from the campus of J.S. Clark.

"What if it was a real gun, if it was a real gun then I wouldn't have my son here with me today," says Gilbert.

Police say they did seize a gun from a student who attends J.S. Clark Elementary school.

Caddo School officials say the incident happened off campus after the child was already home, and police are handling the investigation.

Gilbert says she would like school officials to look deeper into this incident, and to find out whether the student had the b.b. gun on campus all day.

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