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Gun control poll reaction

When it comes to President Barack Obama's gun control plan, there seems to be the most support for the idea of universal background checks, both locally and nationally. But many critics argue that the president's plan misses the mark, largely because it doesn't focus enough on the people who typically commit those mass murders.

The idea of universal background checks is supported by a whopping 85-percent of Americans according to a recent Pew Research poll and by nearly half of the KSLA News 12 viewers who took part in our online web poll.

But gun retailers say they already do those checks. So any new law would affect gun shows and person-to person gun sales. "That's going to be interesting to see how that works because I, I don't know how they can do that because there's so many guns out there from way back that people have been swapping and tracking that it's going to be hard to do," said Paul Murray.

And just down the road, a few miles from Murray's indoor shooting range Shooters U.S.A., in Bossier City, is Ron's Guns. That's where co-owner Ron Mock says sales have at least tripled since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, back on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut.

Mock says he's skeptical about anything from Washington helping with stopping the next mass shooting because it's not fully addressing one of the biggest problems: The mentally-disturbed shooters. "(The) mental health system is, they seem more interested in protecting their privacy than they do getting them off the streets."

And Mock also sees much of the gun control process in Washington as counter-productive. "The criminals, they don't obey the laws anyway, so why pass them, you know," added Mock.

The idea to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines is described by some as a mere band-aid approach, and by other skeptics as in-effective. "If you got a 30-round magazine versus a 10-round magazine, if you got three 10-round magazines a little bit of practice you can change that magazine in less than a second. So it's to me, just kind of, it doesn't make sense to me," concluded Murray.

While just 25-percent of KSLA News 12 viewers who responded to our poll support a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, that same Pew Research poll shows 55-percent of Americans overall support that idea.


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