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Jan 14th: KSLA News 12 Viewer Comments Editorial

Time today for viewer comments to recent editorials.

The first concerns new cable barriers that are being installed along I-20 in Northwest Louisiana.

I said they are much needed to save lives. Chas wrote: "Not everyone thinks the cable barriers are a good idea. As a motorcyclist, I'm always looking for an escape route in case a motorist doesn't see me. The median of the interstate has always been a good escape route. These cable barriers will literally shred a motorcyclist who otherwise would have been able to escape danger on the road. It's an expensive, unnecessary death trap."

On another topic a viewer takes issue with my comments about open government in the Jindal administration. Some of his top administrators are using personal email accounts to discuss state business, thus avoiding public scrutiny.

T.G. writes: "I am truly disappointed in your attack on the Jindal administration. You made allegations but backed it up with no examples or proof."

Actually, information for that editorial came from an investigative report done by the Associated Press.

and finally, Steve writes:

"Although I am sure you believe what you are telling the public is true, you are a liberal and I wish that you could find a way to keep your opinions to yourself."

Your comments are always welcome. I'm James Smith.

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