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Board members react to vote on Dawkins’ contract


The decision not to extend the contract of Caddo Parish School Superintendent Dr. Gerald Dawkins' has come as a surprise to some, but others say it was a long time coming.

"He's a good man, but just not a good superintendent," says Caddo Board member Curtis Hooks. Hooks says that last night's decision is what the school district needs to move forward.

The board voted 8-4 on Tuesday afternoon not to extend Dawkins' contract for another two years. 

Hooks says that failed plans like "Vision 2020", a plan that closed 6 schools and merged others, are reasons why he decided to vote against the contract renewal.

"It's not working. He did the Caddo incentive plan, it didn't work, he is just spending money and grasping at straws," says Hooks.

But District 7 Caddo Board member Lillian Priest says she voted to extend Dawkins' contract based on the progress made by the district over the past 5 years.

"It's not about whether I like you, or if you agree with me, or those kinds of things. At the end of the day, it's about how your children are performing ," says Priest.

The board plans on holding a special meeting to confirm the vote.

Dawkins has the option to retire with full benefits before the end of his contract in August.

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