About Northwest Regional Hospice

Northwest Regional Hospice was founded by two Haynesville native sisters, Jay Williams Burns and Toni Williams Camp in June 1998.  Their mission continues to be to provide quality hospice care services and jobs in the rural area with a focus on Claiborne and the surrounding parishes.  Since opening in 1998 Northwest Regional Hospice has grown to include branch offices in Homer and Ruston to better serve the surrounding communities.

Many individuals think hospice is "all about dying, I am not ready to give up" when in aqll actuality it is "ALL ABOUT LIVING." Everyone is terminal from the moment they are born, but when the time comes and cure is not possible or an individual no longer desires curative measures, hospice may be appropriate.  The hospice team has nurses available to monitor and assist with pain and sympton control, social workers and chaplains to provide psychosocial and spiritual support and assistance with financial issues, 24-hour care during a period of crisis, respite care for the family/caregiver, certified nurses aides to assist with personal care, and volunteers to lend a helping hand.  Hospice also provides all durable medical equipment needed to maintain independence and provide comfort, medications related to the life-limiting illness, and medical supplies.

Hospice encourages the patient and family to embrace this time in their lives, to continue activities they previously enjoyed, such as fishing, taking a vacation, visiting friends and family.  The hospice team and volunteers are available to assist and make any necessary arrangements to ensure the patient remains comfortable while enjoying their time out with friends and family.  Care is provided in the home or nursing home.

Northwest Regional hospice continues to follow and family/caregiver through our bereavement program for a year following the death of a loved one at no cost to Medicare, Medicaid, or the family.

Medicare Part A and Medicaid cover hospice services for those patients who meet eligibility criteria. Most private insurance policies cover hospice services, sometimes with no out-of-pocket expenses. Northwest Regional Hospice will fill all claims for the patient.

It is our hope that Northwest Regional Hospice will bridge the gap that currently exists between what most people currently experience during the last months of life and what is indeed possible. Anyone with a life-limiting illness, such as end-stage heart or lung disease, end-stage Alzheimer's, cancer, may be eligible for the hospice benefit. To determine if you are eligible contact your attending physician. For more information on hospice services or to have a representative speak to your group please call 927-1142 or 1-877-371-1140.