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Winter weather could cause roads to freeze


With temperatures dropping below freezing overnight there is potential for bridges and overpasses in the ArkLaTex to freeze. Louisiana DOTD crews, throughout several parishes, are on standby waiting to begin spraying the roads if they do ice over.

"We do have salt on hand and our salt truck would be prepared to go out and monitor those roads. Our district covers 7 different areas and we do have all those trucks staged throughout those areas," said Susan Stafford with the Louisiana DOTD.

Driving instructor, Charles Chauncy says staying off of the icy roads would be the best option, but if you do have to be out, there a few things you can do to stay safe.

First, the most obvious suggestion is to drive slower. Also, be mindful of where you know puddles usually are. Finally, watch out for abnormal, shiny reflections on the road. If you take all of these suggestions, there is still a chance you will end up skidding. It is very important to remember to stay calm and not to over react.

"Do nothing; no steering abruptly. No touching of any of the pedals. Just try to point it on where you intend on going. Hopefully your momentum will carry you through there. Resist the urge to break," said Chauncy.

Click here for a link to the DOTD road closure/condition webpage.

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