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Gun advocates cry foul after state senator brings BB gun to forum


Gun advocates are crying foul after a state senator brought a BB gun to an informational forum on gun control and walked away with barely a slap on the wrist.

This comes after an 86-year-old woman brought the same type of weapon to a Town Council meeting in Westport and was arrested.

Eyewitness News has learned that state Sen. Ed Meyer held a forum on gun control legislation on Sunday at the First Congregational Church, where he brought an unloaded BB gun he bought from Walmart into the forum.

In a video provided by the Guilford Patch, Meyer stands next to Officer Pat Leary, who holds the black BB gun.

According to a press release issued by Guilford police, it was determined that the BB gun was unloaded, there was no ammunition present and it was on private property.

Police said people responsible for organizing the meeting were aware of Meyer's decision to bring the weapon and everyone who attended the forum were advised before the start that the weapon would be there.

That didn't sit well with one North Branford resident, who immediately filed a complaint with Guilford police about the stunt.

According to Guilford police, the gun was confiscated and officers will speak to all parties involved before determining if any charges will be filed.

"I think it was a ridiculous grandstanding and they were scaring people and it was clear that was the intention," said Richard Burgess, who is a pro-gun advocate and president of Connecticut Carry. "Otherwise why would you bring a rifle that looks like a real rifle and try to represent it as such?"

Connecticut Carry is a nonprofit group aimed at protecting the right to bear arms.

While Meyer walked away from the forum with no punishment, many gun advocates are crying foul because an 86-year-old woman brought the same type of weapon to a Westport Town Council meeting last week and was arrested.

"They (police) were very upset that this complaint was filed," Meyer said. "They said it was absolutely unnecessary and that it was a form of protest."

Burgess told Eyewitness News that no matter who you are, you should follow the law.

"Sen. Meyers is held at the same standards we are and so is retired Officer Pat Leary," Burgess said. "And I think people need to understand that we have heavy ordinance and statutes in the state and we're going to need to start enforcing them better."

Estelle Margolis, an activist in Westport, brought the weapon and a box of ammunition to a meeting that was being held in regards to guns and gun safety in town.

Police said Margolis was issued a summons and was scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Friday.

Police said the difference between Meyers and Margolis was the fact that the state senator brought a police officer with him.

The case is still under investigation, However Meyers and Leary, who has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, have not been arrested.

Eyewitness News called the church to see if they knew the gun was going to be shown, but they haven't returned any of the station's calls.

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