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Stratford school will be renamed in honor of Victoria Soto

Victoria Soto Victoria Soto
© Victoria's sister Jillian Soto reacts to the vote. © Victoria's sister Jillian Soto reacts to the vote.

The Stratford Town Council approved a proposal that will rename a local school in honor of Victoria Soto, a teacher who died trying to protect her students from a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last month, during a meeting Monday night.

The mayor of Stratford proposed renaming the HoneySpot Elementary School in memory of Soto.

The unanimous decision by Town Council was greeted with standing ovation and applause. Soto's sister, Jillian Soto, along with other family members, attended the meeting.

"I love my sister and I know she would be happy with this," she said.

Members wanted to add a second resolution on gun violence, but the chair refused to add it to the agenda saying tonight was about Victoria Soto.

Victoria Soto grew up in Stratford and has since been hailed as a hero for hiding her first-grade students before Adam Lanza, 20, entered her classroom and shot her and some of her students.

"She is a hero. She will always be," said Jillian Soto. "She will always be remembered and we not forget."

Soto graduated from Stratford High School before a pursuing her dream of teaching by earning a dual degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. 

The resolution refers to what she did last month as courageous and self-sacrificial. People here in town told Eyewitness News that they agree with that statement. 

"I think its a good idea," said Juliet Stead of Stratford. "I think it would be really nice and mean a lot to the family. Anyone who says it won't be, why not?"

Officials said they expect to break ground on the school this summer.

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